Why Did Costco Stop Selling Combo Pizza?

  • There are a few reasons that Costco may have stopped selling combo pizza.
  • One possibility is that it was simply not a popular item.
  • Another possibility is that the cost of making and selling the pizza was too high.
  • Finally, it is possible that Costco decided to focus on other items and stop selling the pizza altogether.

Features Of Costco Combo Pizza

Costco Combo Pizza is a pizza that is made up of three different types of pizza. There is the pepperoni pizza, the cheese pizza, and the sausage pizza. The combo pizza is a great value because you get three different types of pizza for the price of one.

Is Costco Getting Combo Pizza Back?

There is no definitive answer to this question since Costco has not made any announcements regarding the return of combo pizza. However, some industry insiders speculate that the popular item may make a comeback due to increasing competition from other retailers such as Walmart and Sam’s Club.


Does Costco have combo pizza?

Yes, Costco does have combo pizza, but has been discontinued.

Has Costco discontinued its combo pizza?

Yes, Costco has discontinued its combo pizza. There are various reasons that Costco might have discontinued its combo pizza. One possibility is that it wasn’t selling well enough. Another possibility is that the ingredients were becoming too expensive to produce. Finally, it’s also possible that Costco made the decision to discontinue the pizza in order to make more room for new products.

How much was Costco combo pizza sold?

The Costco combo pizza is a large, 14-inch pizza that is made up of pepperoni, Canadian bacon, and sausage. It was priced around $10.99.

How was Costco combo pizza made?

Costco’s combo pizza is made in a similar way to most other frozen pizzas. The dough is first rolled out and then layered with sauce and toppings. The pizza is then frozen and packaged for sale.

When was Costco combo pizza discontinued?

The Costco combo pizza was discontinued in early 2017. The decision was made to focus on the company’s Kirkland Signature line of pizzas.

What was Costco combo pizza made of?

The Costco combo pizza is made of a variety of meats, cheeses, and vegetables. It is a popular choice for those looking for a hearty meal.

Did Costco combo pizza make high sales?

Yes, Costco’s combo pizza made high sales. The pizza is a popular item at the store, and it’s been known to sell out quickly.

Is Costco combo pizza frozen?

Yes, the Costco combo pizza is frozen. It comes in a large, rectangular box and has pepperoni, Canadian bacon, and sausage on it.

Does Costco combo pizza have real cheese?

Yes, Costco’s combo pizza had real cheese. It was made with mozzarella, cheddar, as well as with Parmesan cheeses.

Is Costco combo pizza actually good?

Yes, Costco’s combo pizza were quite good. It had a nice crust, as well as a flavorful sauce. Its toppings were also fresh and taste great.

Was Costco combo pizza worth buying?

Yes, Costco’s combo pizza was a great value for its price. The pizza is large and has a lot of toppings. This makes it a good choice for parties, as well as for large groups.

How big is the Costco combo pizza?

The Costco combo pizza is about 18 inches in diameter.

How many slices was the Costco combo pizza?

The Costco combo pizza is a large, 18-inch pizza that is cut into eight slices.

Was Costco combo pizza popular?

Yes, Costco’s combo pizza was popular. It was a best seller, and people loved the convenience of getting a pizza and salad in one package.

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