Where Was Superstore Filmed?

  • The Walmart on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California, was the main filming location for Superstore.
  • Other scenes were shot at the same location, as well as the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park.

Reason Why Superstore Was Filmed at Target store in Norwalk, California.

Superstore, a show about the everyday lives of employees working at a fictional big-box store, was filmed at a Target store in Norwalk, California. Although other stores were considered as filming locations, the producers eventually chose the Target store in Norwalk because it offered the best combination of production value and practicality.
The Target store in Norwalk is a large one—it has more than 220,000 square feet of retail space—which made it perfect for filming purposes. In addition, the store is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which meant that the production team could film whenever they needed to. The Target store in Norwalk also had all of the necessary security features and backdrops needed for filming Superstore.

In conclusion, it was decided that Target in Norwalk, California would be the perfect location to film Superstore. The store offers a large space that is open and airy, which is perfect for filming. In addition, the store is located close to the studio where the show is filmed, which makes it easy for the crew to access. Finally, the store is always busy, which means that there is always plenty of action happening in the background.

What Store is Superstore Filmed in?

The first season of Superstore was filmed in Edmonton, Alberta. This is where the majority of the show is set. There are a few scenes that were filmed in Richmond, British Columbia. This is the only other location in Canada that has been used for filming. Although Superstore is set in Edmonton, there have been a few scenes filmed in Richmond.


Is Superstore filmed on a set?

No, Superstore is not filmed on a set. The show is shot at a real Walmart store in Los Angeles.

Where is Superstore filmed Canada?

Superstore is filmed in Canada. specifically in the province of Alberta.

Why did Amy get written off Superstore?

Some reports say that the show’s creators decided to write off Amy’s character in order to give other characters more development opportunities. Others say that actress America Ferrera wanted to leave the show in order to focus on her other projects. Still others suggest that the show was cancelled due to low ratings. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Amy’s departure from Superstore was not planned or anticipated by fans.

Are the Superstore cast friends?

The Superstore cast are friends, but they are also very competitive with each other. They love to mess with each other on set, and often play games to see who can make the other laugh the most.

Is Superstore filmed in an actual store?

Yes, Superstore is filmed in an actual store. The show is set in a fictional supercenter called Cloud 9, but the store where it is filmed is actually a Walmart located in Los Angeles.

Was Superstore Cancelled?

Superstore was not cancelled. The show is currently in its fourth season and has been renewed for a fifth.

What store is Superstore filmed in?

Superstore is filmed in a store called “Target” in the United States.

Is Cloud 9 Superstore based on Walmart?

There are some similarities between Cloud 9 and Walmart, but they are not based on each other. Both stores offer a wide variety of products at low prices, but Walmart is much larger than Cloud 9. Additionally, Walmart has a more traditional retail layout, while Cloud 9 is organized more like a warehouse.

Is Superstore sponsored by Target?

No, Superstore is not sponsored by Target. However, the two stores do have a lot of similarities, which may be why some people might think they are sponsored by one another.

Is Cloud 9 a real store?

Yes, Cloud 9 is a real store. It’s a store that specializes in selling vaporizers and other smoking accessories.

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