Tire Repairers Wanted Across Canada, 2023

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Opportunities available in multiple cities and provinces in Canada NOC: 74203

We are re-posting job opportunities for tire repairers that are being advertised by various companies across Canada. If you are an experienced tire repairer looking for a new opportunity, this may be the perfect fit for you!

Job Responsibility

As a tire repairer, you will be responsible for a variety of tasks to ensure that the tires of vehicles are in top condition. This includes changing engine oil and lubricating moving parts of automobiles, trucks, and heavy equipment, as well as greasing booms and other components of heavy equipment. You will also be responsible for replacing oil, air, and fuel filters, installing replacement mufflers, exhaust pipes, shock absorbers, and radiators, and repairing and balancing tires. In addition, you may be required to add or replace hydraulic and transmission fluids and assist mechanics with various tasks as needed.

To succeed in this role, you will need some secondary school education and will benefit from several weeks of on-the-job training. Previous experience in related job titles such as crane greaser, heavy equipment servicer, muffler installer, radiator installer, shock absorber installer, spring installer, or tire repairer is an asset.

In addition to your technical skills, you should also possess a strong work ethic and the ability to work well in a team environment. You may also be required to drive an automobile or service truck to various construction, logging, or industrial sites, so a valid driver’s license is preferred.

Other places to find Tire Repairer Job Listings

There are a number of resources available to you that can help you find job opportunities in this field. Some suggestions for finding job openings for tire repairers in Canada include:

  1. Searching online job boards such as Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn.
  2. Checking the websites of tire manufacturers and retailers, as they may have job openings for tire repairers at their locations.
  3. Contacting local tire shops and garages to inquire about job openings.
  4. Visiting the websites of professional organizations such as the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) and the Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA). These organizations may have job postings or be able to provide you with information about job openings in the industry.
  5. Attending job fairs and networking events in your area to meet with potential employers and learn about job openings.
  6. Working with a staffing agency or recruiting firm that specializes in placing candidates in automotive-related roles.
  7. Utilizing the services of your local employment center or job search center, which may have information about job openings in your area.
  8. Subscribing to job alert emails or newsletters from companies in the automotive industry to stay informed about new job openings as they become available.
  9. Checking the classifieds section of local newspapers and online classified websites.
  10. Reaching out to your network of contacts, including friends, family, and former colleagues, to inquire about job openings or to ask for referrals to potential employers.


Salaries for this role vary depending on the city and province, but generally range from $14.5 – $30.00 per hour.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for one of these exciting tire repairer opportunities, please click the link below to apply. We look forward to receiving your application and discussing these opportunities with you further.

Click here to apply

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