My Car is 3 Years Old When do I Need An MOT?

  • The MOT test is an annual vehicle inspection that all vehicles in the UK must pass in order to be road legal.
  • The test checks a range of safety and emissions criteria.
  • MOTs are required for vehicles aged 3 years and older.
  • For new vehicles, the first MOT is due at 3 years and 6 months old.

Benefits of MOT

There are many benefits to getting an MOT. Some of the most important benefits include: Knowing your vehicle is safe to drive. Knowing the condition of your vehicle and what repairs may be necessary in the future. Being able to budget for necessary repairs. Having a record of your vehicle’s past inspections.


How do I find out when my car’s first MOT is due?

The MOT is a compulsory annual safety check for all vehicles over three years old in the UK. The test checks a range of components on your car, from the brakes and tyres to the lights and emissions.
You can find out when your car’s first MOT is due by looking at the vehicle registration document (V5C). The date of the MOT will be shown in section 4 of the document.

Do you get a reminder for first MOT?

I got a reminder for my first MOT, but it was because I had registered my car as new with the DVLA. I’m not sure if you would get a reminder if you didn’t register it as new.

How many years old does a car need an MOT?

The MOT test is an annual safety check that all cars in the UK must undergo to make sure they are roadworthy. The test is required for cars that are three years old and older.

How often is an MOT due?

An MOT is due every year for vehicles over 3 years old.

What vehicles are exempt from MOT?

Vehicles that are exempt from MOT testing include vehicles that are less than 3 years old, vehicles that are used for off-road purposes, and vehicles that have a valid exemption certificate.

What is the new law on MOT?

The new law on MOT states that any car that is over 3 years old must have a valid MOT certificate. This certificate proves that the car has been inspected and is roadworthy. If your car does not have a valid MOT, you may be fined and your insurance may be invalid.

Can you drive on MOT expiry date?

Yes, you can drive on MOT expiry date as long as the car is safe to drive. The MOT is just an inspection to check that your car meets the minimum safety requirements.

Do the DVLA still send reminders?

Yes, the DVLA still sends reminders. The reminders are sent out as either a letter or an email, depending on how you registered with the DVLA.

What do I need for first MOT?

You will need your registration certificate, the MOT test voucher from the previous MOT, and the car itself.

Do I need any paperwork for MOT?

No, you don’t need any paperwork for MOT. Just take your car to an authorised MOT test centre and they will do the rest.

Does an MOT check oil?

An MOT does not check the oil. The only thing that is checked during an MOT is the car’s ability to meet safety standards.

Do garages do a pre MOT?

yes. garages will often do a pre-MOT on a car to check for any potential problems that could cause the car to fail its MOT. This can help to avoid any costly repairs later on.

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