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Makami College Admission Requirements In Edmonton Canada

Makami College is a private, non-profit college in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Makami College offers undergraduate and graduate programs in business and information technology. Makami College also has a branch campus in Vancouver, British Columbia. Makami College admission requirements are based on the Canadian Curriculum which emphasizes critical thinking and problem solving skills. The minimum grades required for acceptance into Makami College are As and Bs in high school.


List of Programs Offered At Makami College, Canada

Makami College in Canada offers a variety of programs for students to choose from. The college has a focus on business, information technology, and health sciences. There are also many programs in the arts and humanities. Students can enroll in diploma, certificate, or degree programs.

The business programs offered at Makami College include accounting, marketing, human resources, and international business. The information technology programs include computer science, network administration, and software development. The health science programs include nursing, dental hygiene, and medical laboratory technology.

The arts and humanities programs offered at Makami College include graphic design, music production, and social work. The diploma programs typically take two years to complete while the certificate programs take one year. The degree programs take three or four years to complete.


Makami College Admission Requirements

Makami College is a private, co-educational institution located in Toronto, Canada. The College offers diploma and degree programs in Business, Computer Science, Health Sciences and Liberal Arts. Admission Requirements
The College admits students who demonstrate the ability to complete the required program of study. In order to be admitted, students must have completed secondary school or its equivalent with satisfactory academic results. Applicants must also demonstrate proficiency in English or French.

Makami College Scholarship Funding for International Students

Makami College is pleased to offer scholarship funding for international students. The scholarships are available to students who are studying at the college on a full-time basis. The scholarships are worth up to $2,000 per year, and they are renewable for up to three years. To be eligible for a scholarship, students must meet the following criteria:

1) Be an international student studying at Makami College on a full-time basis;

2) Have a high school GPA of 3.0 or higher; and

3) Demonstrate strong academic achievement and leadership potential.

If you are an international student interested in studying at Makami College, we encourage you to apply for one of our scholarships. The deadline to apply is August 31st each year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MaKami College a Designated Learning Institution?

Yes, MaKami College is a Designated Learning Institution. We offer a variety of programs that are eligible for international students to study in Canada.

Is MaKami College Eligible for a Post Graduate Work Permit?

Yes, MaKami College is eligible for a Post Graduate Work Permit. The college is a designated learning institution (DLI) and has been approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Does MaKami College, Edmonton Allow Students to take Online Courses

Yes, MaKami College does allow students to take online courses. The college offers a variety of online courses that students can choose from, including business, health and human services, and science.

How long does it take to get a Study Permit in Canada?

It can take up to 8 weeks to process a Study Permit application.


In conclusion, Makami College is a great school with many opportunities for students to get involved. The admission requirements are straightforward and easy to meet, making the process simple and efficient. If you’re looking for a college that has a strong focus on academics and offers many opportunities for extracurricular involvement, Makami College is the school for you.