How To Forward Text Messages Automatically On Iphone?

  • There are a number of different ways to forward text messages automatically on an iPhone.
  • One way is to use an app like If This Then That (IFTTT), which can be used to create recipes that will automatically forward text messages based on certain conditions.
  • Another way is to use a third-party SMS forwarding service like Pushbullet, which can be used to forward text messages to other devices or email addresses.

What is Text Messages Forwarding?

Text Messages Forwarding is a feature that allows you to forward text messages from one phone number to another phone number. This is useful if you want to keep all of your text messages in one place, or if you want to avoid using your data plan to send text messages.

How to set up automatic text message forwarding on iPhones

Benefits of iPhone Text Message Forwarding

There are a few benefits to using text message forwarding on your iPhone. First, it allows you to keep all of your messages in one place, regardless of which device they were sent to or received on. Second, it makes it easy to access your messages on any device, as long as you have an internet connection. Finally, it can be a helpful way to keep track of your conversations, especially if you need to refer back to them later.


Is there a way to auto forward text messages on iPhone?

Yes, there is a way to auto forward text messages on iPhone. To do this, you’ll need to install an app called SMS Auto Forward. This app will allow you to automatically forward text messages to another phone number.

Can I forward text messages to another phone automatically?

Yes, you can forward text messages to another phone automatically. To do this, open the text message you want to forward and tap the menu icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Then, tap Forward and enter the phone number of the person you want to send the message to.

How do I divert text messages to another number?

There are a few ways to do this. Best way is to use an app like PhoneView or iExplorer, which will allow you to view and manage your text messages on your computer. From there, you can select the messages you want to divert and create a new contact with the new number. Another way is to use an app like MightyText or SMS Backup & Restore.

How do I activate SMS forwarding on iOS?

1. Go to your Settings app and select Messages.
2. Tap the button next to “Text Message Forwarding.”
3. If you’re not already signed into iCloud, you’ll be asked to sign in.
4. Select the devices you want to forward messages from.
5. Tap the green “Forwarding” slider to turn it on.

How can I forward a text message on my iPhone without the person knowing?

If you want to forward a text message on your iPhone without the person knowing, you can use the “Share” feature. Just open the text message, tap the “Share” button, and select the person you want to forward it to.

Is iPhone text forwarding good for privacy?

Short answer: No.
Text forwarding is not good for privacy because it sends all of your text messages to a designated number. This means that anyone who has access to that number (such as a hacker) can see all of your text messages.

How does voicemail forwarding on iPhone work?

When you have voicemail forwarding enabled, any new voicemails that come in will automatically be forwarded to the email address that you specify. You will then receive a notification with the voicemail attached as an audio file.

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