How To Enable Messenger Chat Heads On iPhone?

  • To enable Messenger chat heads on your iPhone, open the Messenger app.
  • Tap the three lines in the top left corner of the main screen.
  • Scroll down and tap “Settings”
  • Toggle the “Chat Heads” setting to on.

Benefits of Enabling Messenger Chat Heads On iPhone?

There are a few benefits of enabling Messenger Chat Heads on your iPhone. First, it makes it easier to keep track of your conversations. You can see who is messaging you without having to leave the app you’re currently using. Second, it’s a great way to keep your conversations organized. All of your messages will be grouped together in one place, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. Finally, it’s a convenient way to stay connected with your friends and family.

What are Chat Heads on Messenger?

Messenger Chat Heads are an iOS feature that allows you to keep your conversations with friends in a small bubble on the side of your screen, no matter what app you’re using. To use them, just open a conversation with a friend in Messenger and tap the little bubble icon in the top right corner of the screen.


How do I turn off chat heads in Messenger 2021 iPhone?

To turn off chat heads in Messenger 2021 iPhone, go to Settings > Notifications > Messenger and toggle the Show on Lock Screen switch off.

Why are my chat heads not showing?

There are a few reasons why your chat heads might not be showing. One possibility is that you have them turned off in your settings. To check, open up the Settings app and select Notifications. Make sure that the “Show on Lock Screen” and “Show in Menu Bar” options are both turned on for Messages.
If the chat heads are turned on in your settings but you’re still not seeing them, there might be a problem with your phone’s software.

Why are chat heads not working?
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There could be a few reasons why chat heads aren’t working. One possibility is that the app you’re using doesn’t support chat heads. Another possibility is that there’s a problem with your phone’s software that’s preventing the chat heads from appearing. If neither of those things are the problem, then it might be a bug with the chat head feature itself. In any case, you should contact the app’s developer or your phone’s manufacturer for help.

Can you get chat heads on iPhone 7?

Yes, you can get chat heads on the iPhone 7. However, you will need to download a third-party app to do so.

How do I turn off chat bubbles on iPhone?

To turn off chat bubbles on your iPhone, go to Settings > Notifications and scroll down to the Messages section. Underneath “Show in Notification Center,” you’ll see an option for “Banners.” Toggle this off to disable chat bubbles.

What other apps on iPhone have the chat bubble feature?

The chat bubble feature is available on a number of different apps on the iPhone. Some of these apps include Facebook, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Do all iOS devices have the messenger chat bubble feature?

No, not all iOS devices have the messenger chat bubble feature. The feature is available on devices that are running iOS 10 or later.

What year did chat bubble come to iOS?

Chat bubbles were introduced to iOS with the release of iOS 5 in 2011.

Does DND Mode affect my chat bubble?

Yes, DND mode will affect your chat bubble. When you are in DND mode, your chat bubble will be hidden and you will not receive any notifications for new messages.

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How can I temporarily disable chat head feature?

To disable the chat bubble feature in Messenger, open the app and go to Settings > Notifications > Chat Bubbles. Toggle the switch off at the top to disable the feature.


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