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How Much Is Patron?

  • Patron is a brand of tequila that is made from 100% blue agave. It is a premium tequila that is known for its smooth, mellow flavor.
  • As a high-end tequila, Patron typically sells for around $50 per bottle.

Benefits Of Drinking Patron

Patron is a high-quality tequila that has a number of benefits. It is made with 100% agave, which gives it a smooth and mellow flavor. Patron also has a higher alcohol content than most other tequilas, which makes it more potent. Finally, Patron is often considered to be a premium brand, and its price reflects that.

Why Shouldn’t You Drink Patron?

There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t drink Patron. The first reason is that it’s expensive. A bottle of Patron can cost more than $50, and that’s a lot of money to spend on alcohol. Another reason not to drink Patron is that it’s high in alcohol content. A shot of Patron contains about 40% alcohol, which is more than most other types of liquor.


How do you drink Patron?

There are various ways to drink Patron. One is to pour it into a glass and enjoy it neat. Another is to mix it with ice and lime juice for a refreshing Margarita.

Can women drink Patron?

Yes, women can drink Patron. It is a high-quality tequila that is made from 100% blue agave, and it has a smooth, mellow flavor.

Is Patron better cold or warm?

It is best served cold, but it can also be enjoyed warm.

Can you mix Patron with Sprite?

Yes, you can mix Patron with Sprite. The two make for a refreshing drink on a hot day. However, it is recommended not to mix Patron with Sprite as the results may be too sweet.

Which Patron is better for shots?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on personal preference. Some people prefer Patron Silver for shots, while others prefer Patron XO. Ultimately, it comes down to what you like best.

Are there varieties of Patron?

Yes, there are a few different varieties of Patron, each with their own unique flavor profile. Silver has a light, smooth taste, while Gold is a bit more complex, with hints of honey and agave. Añejo is the most expensive and has a rich, woody flavor.

Is Patron Tequila expensive?

Yes, Patron Tequila is expensive. It is a high-quality liquor that is made from agave plants, and it is often served in cocktails or used to make margaritas.

What should I mix with Patron?

Patron Silver or Patron Anejo can be mixed with a variety of things, including cranberry juice, pineapple juice, grapefruit juice, and orange juice. It can also be mixed with cola, ginger ale, or lemon-lime soda.

Should you refrigerate Patron?

No, you should not refrigerate Patron. It is a tequila that is meant to be enjoyed at room temperature.

Which drinks should you not mix with Patron?

There are no drinks that you cannot mix with Patron, but there are some that are not recommended. Mixing Patron with energy drinks or cola can diminish the flavor of the liquor, so it is best to avoid those combinations.

What is the alcohol volume of Patron?

Patron Silver has an alcohol volume of 40% while Patron Anejo has an alcohol volume of 38%.

What soda goes with Patron?

It depends on personal preference. However, some people suggest pairing Patron with a citrusy soda like Sprite or Sierra Mist. Others recommend a more classic pairing of Coke or Pepsi. Ultimately, it’s up to the drinker to decide what they think goes best with their Patron!

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