How Much Do Costco Stockers Make?

  • According to Payscale, the average hourly wage for a Costco stocker is $11.84.
  • The salary range for this position is $8.50 to $15.00 per hour.
  • Stockers at Costco may also receive benefits, such as health insurance and paid time off.
  • Working as a Costco stocker can be a great way to earn a living.
  • The job requires hard work and dedication, but the pay is good and the benefits are excellent.
  • If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding job, consider becoming a Costco stocker.

The Benefits of Working as a Costco Stocker

The Costco stocker position is one that many people may not consider as an ideal job, but it can offer some great benefits. The work is physical, but it can be very rewarding to help customers find what they need and get them on their way. In addition to the satisfaction of a job well done, there are a few other benefits to working as a Costco stocker.

For starters, the pay is excellent. Stockers at Costco make more than the national average for retail workers. They also receive good benefits, including health insurance, 401k plans, and paid time off.

Another benefit of the job is that it is relatively easy to get hired. Costco is always looking for good employees and does not require any specific qualifications or experience. This makes it a great option for those who are looking for their first job or who want to change careers.

How to Qualify for a Job as a Costco Stocker

The first thing you need to know is that Costco typically looks for candidates who have some experience in a warehouse setting. They also look for people who are able to lift heavy items and are comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.

In order to be considered for a job as a stocker, you’ll need to be able to pass a drug test and have a clean criminal record. You’ll also need to be able to provide proof of employment eligibility.

If you meet all of these qualifications, you can apply for a job at Costco by visiting the company’s website or by going in person to one of their stores.

How Much Does a Stocker in Costco Make?

Costco is a warehouse club that specializes in selling bulk items such as food, household items, and electronics. The average Costco employee makes $21 an hour.


How much does a stocker in Costco make?

The average salary for a Costco stocker is around $23,000 per year.

How much does a stocker make at Costco in California?

A Costco stocker in California can expect to make around $15.00 per hour.

How much do Costco stockers make in Washington?

Costco stockers in Washington make an average of $15.00 per hour.

How many hours does a Costco Stocker work?

A Costco stocker typically works between 10 and 12 hours per day.

Do Costco stockers work overnight?

No, Costco stockers do not work overnight. They work during the day.

Is Costco Stocker a hard job?

The job of a Costco stocker is not hard, but it can be physically demanding. The work involves stocking shelves and moving boxes, which can be tiring.

What is it like being a stocker at Costco?

It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s also very rewarding. I love being able to help customers find what they need and getting to know them. It’s also a great place to work with great people.

What is the best paying job at Costco?

The best paying job at Costco is the Executive Assistant position. The position has a median salary of $64,000.

How much does a Costco Stocker make in Canada?

A Costco Stocker in Canada typically makes between $12 and $15 per hour.

Who pays the most for overnight stocker?

The person who pays the most for an overnight stocker is the one who wants the stocker to work the longest hours. This is because the longer the stocker works, the more inventory they can get through.

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