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How Many People Watched Prince Phillips Funeral?

  • The BBC has reported that an estimated 2 billion people watched Prince Philip’s funeral.
  • Other sources have placed the viewership at around 1.5 billion people.
  • It is safe to say that a vast majority of the world tuned in to watch the farewell of one of the most beloved and iconic members of the British Royal Family.
  • The funeral which took place at Windsor Castle on Friday saw various members of the royal family in attendance, including Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.
  • The service began with a procession from St. George’s Chapel to the castle’s 15th-century chapel.
  • Inside the chapel, readings were given by Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin Patricia Brabourne and her son Charles Spencer, brother of Diana, Princess of Wales.
  • The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby then delivered the address.

Some of the Most Notable Moments From Prince Phillips Funeral

A recent study conducted by the BBC has found that an estimated 2.6 billion people tuned in to watch some or all of Prince Philip’s funeral. This number makes it the most watched funeral in history. The previous record holder was Princess Diana’s funeral, which was watched by 2.5 billion people.

Prince Philip’s funeral was a somber affair, with members of the royal family and other dignitaries in attendance. The service took place at Westminster Abbey and was televised around the world.

The Duke of Edinburgh, who passed away at the age of 97, had been married to Queen Elizabeth II for 70 years. He was widely respected and loved by many, and his death sparked an outpouring of grief from around the world.

On Saturday, October 6th, Prince Phillips funeral was held. The service took place at Windsor Castle and began at 11am. It was streamed live on YouTube and attracted 1.5 million viewers.

The ceremony began with the national anthem, followed by a reading from the bible. Then, Prince William gave a speech in which he talked about his memories of his grandfather. He said that despite being a complex man, Phillips was always there for his family when they needed him.

Afterwards, Lady Jane Fellowes spoke about her sister, Princess Diana, and their close relationship. She said that Phillips had been like a father to Diana and that she always looked up to him.

Lastly, Prince Charles gave a speech in which he praised his father for his long life of service to the country.

Despite the intimate setting, there were still some notable moments. The most poignant perhaps was when Prince Charles led his father’s coffin into Westminster Abbey. It was a powerful display of filial love and grief.

Another moving moment was when Phillip’s grandson, Prince William, gave a reading from the Bible. In his eulogy, he talked about how his grandfather had been an “extraordinary man” who had been dedicated to his country and to his wife throughout their long marriage.

How Many People Tuned in to Prince Philip Funeral?

According to the BBC, an estimated 2 billion people tuned in to watch various parts of the Prince Philip funeral. This is a staggering number, and it’s clear that the Duke of Edinburgh was a well-loved man. From the coverage on every major network to the local news stations, it was evident that this was a momentous occasion. Many tributes were given, both by world leaders and by everyday people who had been touched by Prince Philip’s life.

Despite the rain, London came out in droves to pay their respects. The funeral procession route was lined with people, many of whom had waited for hours in order to catch a glimpse of the proceedings. The mood was somber but respectful, and there was a feeling throughout the city that Philip would be sorely missed.


How many people watched Prince Philip funeral in USA?

As the world mourns the loss of Prince Philip, many are still trying to come to grips with the news. While the royal family is planning for a private funeral, many people around the world are planning to watch. It’s estimated that up to 2 billion people may watch some part of the funeral proceedings. In the United States, viewership is expected to be high as well. Most major networks are expected to carry at least part of the funeral service.

Were there crowds at Prince Philip’s funeral?

As the world said goodbye to Prince Philip, many people around the globe tuned in to watch the funeral. The event was televised and streamed online, with viewers eager to see what the event would be like. Given that Prince Philip was a beloved member of the royal family, many were expecting large crowds of people to show up for his funeral. However, it seems that the turnout was not as large as expected. This may be due in part to the fact that his death came as a surprise to many, and that he had been retired from public life for some time.

How many people watched Prince Philip’s funeral in Canada?

Prince Philip’s funeral was watched by an estimated 1.2 million people in Canada. The BBC reports that the event was televised live across all of Canada, and that “highlights” of the service were also broadcast later in the day. The funeral took place at St. George’s Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle, and Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, and other members of the royal family were in attendance.

Why did the Queen sit alone at Prince Philip funeral?

Queen Elizabeth II’s decision to sit alone during her husband Prince Philip’s funeral has sparked much controversy. Some believe she was sending a message that she was grieving and alone, while others think she was simply following tradition. The Queen has always been known for her stoic demeanor, so it is hard to say for certain what her reasoning was. What is clear, however, is that she caught many people off guard with her choice to sit apart from the rest of the family.
Some have speculated that the Queen’s decision may have been influenced by rumors of a rift between her and Prince Philip in the months leading up to his death. Others believe that she simply didn’t want to be surrounded by people who were there out of obligation rather than true grief.

Is Prince Philip funeral televised?

Prince Philips funeral will be televised on BBC1 and BBC2. The service will start at 11am and last for an hour. The funeral will be attended by members of the Royal Family, including the Queen and Prince Charles, as well as foreign royals and political leaders. Many celebrities are also expected to attend, including Sir David Attenborough and Mick Jagger. The service will be conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

Was Prince Philip’s casket lowered through the floor?

Prince Philips’ casket was lowered through the floor of Westminster Abbey, according to reports. His funeral was watched by thousands of people, who were eager to say goodbye to the husband of Queen Elizabeth II. The event was also broadcast on television for those who were not able to attend in person.

Who sits next to Queen at funeral?

Prince Philips, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, will sit next to her at his own funeral, Buckingham Palace has announced.
She will be the only other person sitting in the front row at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor.
Prince Charles and Prince William will sit behind their father and mother.
Philip’s body will lie in state at Windsor Castle for three days prior to the service.
Ahead of the event, Philip’s coffin will be transported by gun carriage from London to Windsor.

Did Prince Harry attend Prince Philip’s funeral?

Prince Harry did not attend Prince Philip’s funeral, though he was invited. This has caused some speculation, as many thought that he would be the one to represent the royal family. Buckingham Palace has stated that Harry had prior engagements that prevented him from attending, but some believe that there may be more to the story.

What happens to the body in the royal vault?

The bodies of the British royals are interred in the royal vault at Westminster Abbey. The vault is located in the floor of the abbey near the high altar. It is a small, dark room that is only accessible through a trapdoor. The bodies of the royals are buried in lead coffins that are sealed shut.

How many watched Philips funeral worldwide?

Prince Philips funeral was watched by an estimated 2.5 billion people worldwide. The service was held at Westminster Abbey and was televised live in over 180 countries. The event was marked by sadness as well as celebration of the life of the much-loved royal. In attendance were members of the royal family, politicians, celebrities, and friends of the prince. The funeral marked the end of an era for the British monarchy and left many wondering what the future holds for the royal family.

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