How Many Guests Can I Bring To Planet Fitness?

  • Planet Fitness has a guest policy that allows members to bring only one guest to the gym per visit.
  • The guest must be 18 years or older and should have a valid ID.

Benefits Of Bringing Guests When Visiting A Gym

There are several benefits to bringing guests when visiting a gym. First, it can be motivating to have someone there to support you as you work out. Second, it can be fun to workout with a friend or family member. Finally, it can be helpful to have another person there to spot you or help you with exercises.

What Are The Requirements For Bringing A Guest To Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness members are allowed to bring one guest with them to the gym. The guest must be at least 18 years old, and they must have a photo ID. Guests are not allowed to use the locker rooms or other areas that are reserved for members only. They also need to sign a waiver form before they are allowed to use the gym.


Does Planet Fitness allow members to visit the gym with guests?

Yes, Planet Fitness does allow members to visit the gym with guests, but there are a few restrictions. Guests must be 18 years or older, and they must sign a liability waiver before entering the gym.

Can I visit Planet Fitness with two guests?

No, you can only visit Planet Fitness with one guest. This implies that Planet Fitness does not allow entry of more than one guest.

What is Planet Fitness guest policy?

Planet Fitness has a guest policy that allows members to bring one guest per day. The guest must be 18 or older and must sign a waiver.

Do I need to fill a form to bring a guest to Planet Fitness?

No. You don’t have to complete a form to visit Planet Fitness with a guest, but will have to send an invitation to him or her via the Planet Fitness mobile app. The guest also needs to download the app in order to complete an online registration, which enables him or her to receive a digital key tag.

How do I download Planet Fitness mobile app?

To download the Planet Fitness mobile app, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for “Planet Fitness.” The app will be the first result. Tap “Install” and then “Open” to launch the app.

What is the purpose of Planet Fitness mobile app?

The Planet Fitness mobile app is designed to help members track their workouts, see the latest promotions and news, and find the nearest Planet Fitness location.

How do I cancel my Planet Fitness membership?

To cancel your Planet Fitness membership, you’ll need to provide written notice to the club. You can either mail or email your cancellation notice, and it must be received by the club at least 30 days before your next billing cycle.

Can guests benefit from Planet Fitness membership?

Yes, your guest can surely benefit from your Planet Fitness membership. As a member, you can bring one guest per day to the club at no charge. Guests must be 18 years or older and must sign a liability waiver.

What is Planet Fitness opening hours?

Planet Fitness opening hours vary depending on the location, but they are typically open from early in the morning until late at night. Some locations have 24-hour access, while others close at 10pm or 11pm.

Can I use my Planet Fitness membership in any of its location?

Yes, you can use your Planet Fitness membership at any of its locations.

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