Canada admitted 13,645 new immigrants in July 2020. This was a very low figure considering that the month of July is one of the busiest months for Canadian immigration.

On a yearly basis, Canada’s July 2020 permanent residence (PR) intake decreased by sixty (63) percent compared with July 2019.

Last year July was the busiest month for Canadian immigration in 2019. That month, Canada admitted 36,615 new permanent residents.

Canada normally welcomes some of its highest levels of newcomers each July. This is due to newcomers immigrating to Canada during the warm summer month, and to register their children in school before the academic sessions begin across Canada in late-August and early September.

Canada’s July 2020 intake was also lower than the 19,200 immigrants Canada welcomed in June of this year.

June 2020 has been the strongest month for Canada’s PR levels since the coronavirus was labeled as a pandemic in March. Prior to June, Canada welcomed 11,000 immigrants in May and just 4,000 in April.

Following the onset of the pandemic, Canada’s PR intake nose-dived in April due to Canada as ng travel restrictions, which remain in place, plus other coronavirus-related disruptions such as approved immigrants not being able to find available flights to get them to Canada.

It is important to note that some approved permanent resident applicants are to move to Canada right now despite \The coronavirus travel restrictions. For instance, confirmation of permanent residence (COPR) holders who got their COPR on or before March 18, 2020, are all among those who are exempted.

The weak July permanent residence figures are due to current coronavirus-related challenges. Travel remains difficult during the coronavirus pandemic, with flights in and out of certain countries being partially restricted since March.

This has meant that even people who obtained their COPR on or before March 18 may not be able to come to Canada to complete their Canadian permanent residence process.

Top 15 countries of new immigrants in July 2020

Canada’s top fifteen (15) source countries of new permanent residence in July were (PR figures in brackets):

1) India (3,195)
2) China (870)
3) Philippines (865)
4) Pakistan (640)
5) Nigeria (555)
6) Morocco (515)
7) Iran (405)
8) United States of America (405)
9) Algeria (335)
10) France (290)
11) Syria (245)
12) Egypt (225)
13) United Kingdom (225)
14) Cameroon (220)
15) South Korea (205)

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