Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the reopening of borders to international travels as the coronavirus pandemic abates will happen cautiously and carefully.

In his daily coronavirus briefing on Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he was not keen to make the mistake of reopening of borders too quickly or will not rush to lift the travel restrictions it currently has in place.

Since mid-March, Canada has had travel restrictions in effect, which are set to expire on June 30. Restrictions on cross-border travels with the United States. have also existed since 21st of March and they will remain in place until at least July 21.

In his most recent remarks on this topic, Prime Minister Trudeau said that Canada will continue to monitor the international situations to determine how to proceed with its travel restrictions.

While he understands the economic benefits of removing the restrictions, he does not want to do so at the risk of public safety. Lifting Canada’s travel rules too soon could lead to the second wave of coronavirus and a return to lockdowns.

Canada has been able to reduce its coronavirus cases massively in recent months, which has led to a gradual re-opening of borders and its economy.

The travel and tourism industry, however, remains inactive due to the travel restrictions. Recent reports indicate some of Canada’s biggest airports are presently operating at around two per cent capacity.

Last week, executives from twenty-seven (27) of some of Canada’s top companies wrote a public letter calling on the Canadian government to safely remove restrictions in order to support Canada’s economic recovery.

The signatories of the letter included leaders from Canada’s airline, communications, banking, energy, asset management, and manufacturing sectors.

They argued that the best way forward was for Canada to carefully re-open its borders until a vaccine is found. Their remarks echoed those put forward by Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, who served as Canada’s Minister of immigration between 2008 and 2013.

The Prime minister will announce Canada’s decision on how it will proceed with its travel measures by June 30. Trudeau acknowledged how frustrating the current travel restrictions are, but at the same time, the federal government will remain very cautious in determining when and how to lift its restrictions.

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